Live Longer

Go Train in the Membrain

It is true that our society mainly puts a focus on maintaining the physical body as we age rather than the mental. Yet, it is always quite shocking how people would rather have a damaged leg instead of a damaged cognition. As people around us age, we mainly care that they stay healthy in the brain, being able to sustain a clear conversation without losing the communication we previously had with them. Most young adults who see their parents and grand parents age or go through tough health related situations are often most scared that their loved ones will end up with cognitive damage. Maintaining both physical health and mental brain health are equally important and must be a priority starting from about age 30.

Is Crossword Enough?

Many of us tend to think , that a good brain shape is important, yet few of us understand why or have actual tools how to give it a nice workout. We forget that our brain is also a very important and flexible muscle in the body which needs that exercise just much as our gluts do. Some of us have histories and genetic make ups that have tendencies for strokes, mental difficulties, or cognitive dysfunctions, thus we must start to talk about this phenomenon seriously and make it a priority for all of us.

Lumosity is the answer

The great thing about advanced technology today is that a group of team experts of the brain and computers, created an amazing aid for those looking to train the brain. The Luminosity is a very friendly website designed for anyone who needs and wants to train the brain at home via a computer,  by matching the perfect training program you need. Just like when we first sign up for the gym ,they pair us with a trainer to help us build a plan and get to know our bodies better. Lumosity is your personal trainer for the brain, including various “brain stuff” such as cognitive training, sleep and mindfulness. Moreover it is true that one can pick up a cross word puzzle or have a game of chess, yet  a research done on a small sample sized  of 4,000 people found that over the course of a couple weeks, those who used Lumosity, had an increase in cognitive results than those who did common folk brain exercises.

So if you are entering your 30’s and want to have a harmonious work out plan that includes the brain muscle, or if you are an adult feeling a bit woozy and forgetful, the solution you need is just a click away. Visit for quick and effective results.