רוצים לשבת ישר? הכירו את Upright

How often do you catch yourself slouching while walking, while sitting, while washing the dishes, scrolling through the phone on the couch, while doing almost everything… I know I slouch often and many of my friends do too. Luckily for my back, I live an active lifestyle and I work with children so I get to get up and stretch throughout the day. Sadly, many of us work in cubicles and offices which mean nice incomes and a steady job, yet our backs scream so loudly for some attention and help. Now our days, we are so competitive and career consumed, that we focus mainly on our achievements and completely neglect our health in the process.

If you work in an office you probably have those periods where your back hurts so much from sitting and you feel trapped. You know that you have a great job that you wont give up, yet the job does require you to sit on your back for about 8 hours a day sometimes without standing at all and as result you harm your back. As a result you start searching online for some exercises you can do while sitting, buying a fancy chair, or some stretches to do in the morning before work. Alas, these attempts makes you feel stupid and old and you find yourself with no dedication. Humans are not wired to sit for so many hours and we are only beginning to find solutions for the epidemic

luckily you came across the article and your back will especially thank you. The product “upright” is a small device that you stick to your back comfortably under your shirt during the day, and it signals to you at the right moments when it is time to straighten your back and sit upright. It is very important to stretch and sit up right several times a day, yet we all know what its like to dedicate or yet remember to do such things with our crazy office schedules. The upright device works like an alarm clock for your back , helps your health and is designed exactly for those who have no motivation to set up alarms and write to do lists  about our back. The great thing about this device is that it is also monitored to help your upper back and lower back pain, thus giving you the all around support you need.

The device is suitable for all, and is also recommended for those who have more active jobs as well. How great will it be if we all just sit up right and maybe along with amping up our health we will also get a boost of confidence as we rise up from our slouching.

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