איך מתחילים פעילות אם TRX

How often does it happen to you that you embark on a new exercise adventure to reach a plateau and quit. The hard part of persistency in exercising is finding an exercise that is easy to use, flexible, mobile outside a studio or a group session, and can offer you endless options and quick results. For me, finding a new exercise routine is the easy part, yet maintaining it, and seeing a difference in my body is the hard part.

Most of the workout routines offer you something exciting and new, yet the routine gets old pretty quick and you find yourself neglecting all the hard work and losing the money you put in. Either you leave the routine or you stay in it without seeing a change in the body. Usually what keeps a person motivated for a long amount of time in an exercise routine that shows results. It is really easy to get stuck in a boring exercise routine and forget that the results only come once we change things up a tad and push ourselves further to challenge our bodies.

We have the perfect solution and that is the TRX. The TRX is a form of sports invented by soldiers in the army during times it was trouble finding the right exercise routine for themselves. The TRX has two straps that can latch on to anything from a tree in the park to a tank in an army base and that is the greatness of it all, you can do it anywhere and in anytime. You don't need to be dependent on crowded gyms’ expensive private groups during impossible times of the day for those of us who work full time. All you need is yourself to get familiar with some basic moves, for that, watch a Youtube video to get the moves correctly and from there the sky is the limit. The great thing about TRX are the endless possibilities and variations and as your strength train, your muscles never get used to a specific routine, causing results to show faster and keep you more motivated. As well, you don't need dumbbells or heavy expensive equipment because what is creating the muscles is only the weight of your body as the straps hold it.

I am telling you it is really that easy and all you need is to order the straps online, and while you are waiting for the delivery immerse yourself and understand beginner routines, so you can start to use the straps when they arrive.