Eat Well

Make your diet last

list of life goals: wake up early, eat healthy, go to the gym, be happy

I cannot even express how many diets I tried. Diets is the word of this century. Everybody is looking for a quick fix just like those instant likes on social media to boost your self esteem in an instant. Even though the fast quick fab diets could work for a short period of time , while preparing for a big event such as a wedding, yet leave you with good photos and a whole lot of emptiness. I see girls going on such extreme diets only to lose it mentally and physically. The reason they lose it, is because a healthy life style is a way of life, it is not an immediate fix or cure. Our body is smart, and is here to remind us that there are no shortcuts.  What it takes is desire, along with perseverance, to attend the sports class every week even if you are lazy, cut the salad and prepare food in advance, and look in the mirror to affirm yourself positively.

In the world we live in now we are used to getting everything we want in seconds. Our foot is always one out the door searching for the next thing. As a result we want to be like others, we compare, we ask around, and mostly forget about ourselves. Every human is different and each one needs a different way of harmony. My weight has always been a struggle of mine, and it is especially confusing in a world you can instantly get anything you want, you think it is the same with your weight. Living in this dissonance is confusing and exhausting. Only lately after years of struggle, I understood that the dissonance is something I could live with and use it to my advantage. Now our days I am all about remaining sane and treating myself occasionally while maintaining a healthy life style and being satisfied with myself up or down a couple of kilos. The key is the control and remain sane yet working hard and learning your body every day in every way.

For those of you who have a very hard time with the perseverance part, need to meet Dr. Nestor. Dr. Nestor does not work with the word “diet”. He is an expert on working with overweight people along with the additional diseases that go along with being overweight, and has helped many overcome the challenge. He himself was very overweight and now after losing the weight manages to maintain it. It is important for Nastor that the people who come to see him understand the hard work involved and are willing to put in the effort. Nastor really 

accommodates the meal and exercise plan to the client, after he checks the metabolic rate and makes sure he understands and knows the body type and lifestyle of the client. Moreover, Nastor suggests that one needs to know how to step on the scale and understand the difference between weight gain compared to liquid and toxin that can cause weight gain. He also helps you to make right choices on vacations or during restaurant visits.