משפחה וילדים

הכירו את AngeleSense

Many of us parents wish for ourselves that our children will be able to vent and speak for themselves, yet this is not always the case. Whether we have a small child that still cannot speak, whether we have a special needs child, whether we have a child with a health issue, our number one wish is that he will be safe. Now our days that career is very important and mothers and fathers go out to work for many hours, its gut wrenching to wonder where are children are and how they feel at each moment. Life is especially difficult if our child has special needs and we cannot be next to him and take care of his well being at any given moment.

Parents are not super humans and can only do their best. Parents for children with special needs have such  packed lives and have to think about millions of things at the same time. For instance, if your child is Autistic you might not be able to watch over him at the park each second and all of a sudden he might disappear due to his state. A normative child will fear going away so far and when being asked by an adult that found the child,  the mom’s name or a phone number to reach her will mostly likely cooperate with the adult inquiring. As well, if you child is handicapped and is in a wheelchair, the school bus might not know the exact comfortable spot of where to drop the child off successfully, and the list goes on. Many logistic things can happen that can seem for granted but must be agonizing for the parents. Not alone that being a parent is difficult, being a parent to a special needs child is even more. We must remember and acknowledge these difficulties and see how we can help out as a community.

Fortunately, just on time the “AngelSense”  device was created. The device is a GPS small belt which is worn by the child throughout the day , while the GPS is monitored and regulated by the parent’s application on the phone. This device helps the parents track where their child is at every given moment. The device enables you to insert where the child’s normal habitat surrounding and schedule of the day is, thus notifying the parent immediately if the child is outside its normative surrounding as a danger alert. Moreover, the parent can know when the school bus arrives home, not needing to wait in the sun, as a result saving time and energy. As well, any disappearance or anxiety about the matter of child disappearance can be eased and released with the usage of this new protective device.

So with that said, make your life easier to manage and worry less with this fantastic device. Visit https://www.angelsense.com/ for more information.