Eat Well

Bring the best out of your vegetables

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If you are a health freak, vegetarian, weight watcher, vegan or just somebody who loves those veggies and fruits you know how hard it is to maintain their freshness. There have been many times I came home after work starving, dreaming of a fresh salad full of life and vigor, only to open my fridge and discover mold on my cucumbers. This happens to me so often and sometimes I wish to have a method how to keep my vegetables and fruits tasting great and fresh. You cannot know when will be the day that you have the energy to cut yourself a fruit or a vegetable salad and that is why one needs to learn how to bring the best out of their fruits and veggies to maintain a healthy unchallenging life style.

Truthfully, I don’t live close to a market, nor I have the energy to shlep over there in the summer days or at all. As a result I end up picking out my veggies and fruits in the supermarket and on really lazy days I just order online. Even when I do manage to pick them out, I end up not knowing how to do it correctly. I don’t really know the difference between a long living cucumber compared to a strong pepper. Maybe children who were raised by chefs might know these amazing tricks, yet most of us grew up in a simple household that did not focus on the freshness of the fruit and veggies we pick out. Today as an adult I’d love to hear some tips as to how to maintain and bring the best out of the fruits and veggies I do manage to pick out for my home.

With that said, I did research and found some nice tips for us who get frustrated with the mold and lifeless images we tend to meet in our fridge. Just like us human, every fruit or vegetable is unique and therefore has a different life span and a different way to take care of it. Most veggies and fruits really don’t enjoy the sunlight so make sure to not place them in the sun. As well, make sure when you buy your fruits and veggies there are no blisters and bumps on them from the get go. Each bruise makes the mold climb up faster ruining the freeness of them faster. For instance, apples, carrots, lettuce and strawberries, really prefer the coziest coolest parts in your fridge and those of us who don’t have this manual setting , can just squeeze them into the deepest part of the drawer in the fridge. On the other hand, the more gentle fruits and veggies like cucumbers, tomatoes, avocados and the citrus fruits prefer the frontal parts of our fridge. Moreover, the onions, bananas,  and the sweet potatoes prefer the outside area where it is warm and damp. lastly, it is important to keep your fruits and veggies in an aired bag, without water leftovers, and if you cut your veggies and you have left overs, make sure to put it in a zip lock back to maintain the left vitamins.

Now you can go to the supermarket and feel as if you understand you veggies and fruits’s life span that much better.