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2017 top trending super-foods

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Do you ever wonder how to amp up your health without trying too hard? How to substitute that coffee to stay awake , or get the energy boost from another way but the white sugar way. Super foods are incredible, yet are quite over looked. Super foods do not have immediate results and often work as preventive measures. Due to the fact we all want quick health results we buy those berries and spend on the Maca powder yet ditch it after few weeks when we don’t see immediate results. With a little knowledge we might change our minds on the matter.

Why choose Super foods?

There are many super foods we can find in all sorts of ways, from powders, to sweets fruits to salty lemony flavors. The important factor we need to remember is the ORAC and how much of it is in the super foods we choose. People tend to follow trends thus buying a very trendy super food instead of checking how much ORAC is in the food per 100 grams. ORAC is the measure of the antioxidant content. The higher the ORAC is the healthiest and the most “super” it is. For instance, the Kale is a very trendy super food and has  1,170 ORAC for a 100 grams, yet if you take the Sumac seasoning you get 320, 000 ORAC for a 100 grams. Following is a list of a few different trending affordable super foods that are researched based on the the quantity and quality rather than the hype.

The Sumac

Amazing middle eastern seasoning with a quite salty lemony flavor. This super can be sprinkled on salads, eggs, etc.


The super food can be a chocolate bible and as an incredible amount of ORAC for serving. Cocoa alone is quite rough , but nowadays they make different forms of cocoa that still maintain the nutritional value.

Ceylon Cinnamon

The cinnamon is different from the regular one we know. We want to lay low on the regular one because it causes liver toxicity, which is not so pleasant for us all. So purchase the Ceylon for better results.

Chia Seeds

These seeds are hyped up but certainly deserve it this time around. The seeds contain triple the amount of omega 3 than in the Salmon. Sprinkle them away.


What a relief. This is an incredible yummy super food, and it is also in the category of nuts. Most of us think that the cashews and peanuts are on the top charts, yet pecans have the most ORAC per serving, which is 18,000.


With a crazy dosage of ORAC, 127, 065 for a serving this is one of the best super foods out there. The Curcumine within the Turmeric is also been studied in preventing and fighting diseases such as heart disease, cancer, etc.